Prepa UVM Public Univeristy Case

Main Concept, Campaign Concepts, Creative Direction


 – Timing is golden when bonding –



Every year, thousand of students prepare and present the public university exam, UNAM, and most of them get rejected.

This a very emotional key moment for students and their parents.

We saw this moment as an opportunity to get good and reliable leads, campus visiting

and brand exposure

We started with a bonding strategy focusing in 3 main moments:  When the target prepares for the exam, presents it, and get their results.

Every moment was recreated in an un-branded Youtube series, starring Jake, a typical student that wants to be accepted at the public university.


Before the exam, we created a 2 week, free academic advice program in campus for students that were preparing for the exam. 813 signed up.

The exam´s morning, we sent a “Good Luck” mail signed by the academic advice program.

When the results were published, we released a meme campaign that matched the target´s mood and encourage them to keep studying. 728 students register to UVM.






Agency: Ariadna Interactive México
Year: 2013
Client: UVM 
Role: Concepts, Creative Direction